Thursday, December 29, 2016

Here's what my exhibit looked like in Moscow in 1992. It was in the Designers Union Building which was right on famous Pushkin Square. This was still before capitalism had completely taken over their economic system and soon the biggest MacDonald's in the world would be built across the street.

My name in lights, in English and Russian
All my English descriptions were translated into Russian

Before the internet, this was the first glimpse of American design for some . Admittedly it's not any representative 
cross-section, still it's the eclectic work of one first-generation American with a Russian surname...and somehow it represents the freedoms we enjoy.

My museum projects as well as toy and art ideas were included.

Yuri Skokov, head of the Designer's Union explains my work

The BarBEARian

The Brooklyn Museum Archeology Backpack was a big hit.

'Purposeful Writing' Game from the Hawaii Curriculum Center

Me with 'Leon Neon'

The BarBEARian with Hussein Abbo's wonderful drawings

The show was written up in their Design Magazine

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