Thursday, November 24, 2016

       MY TO-DO LIST

Copyright © 1997  Stan Resnicoff All Rights Reserved

I’ve got a big agenda,
Of the things I wanna do
And I know I won’t be able
To see all of them through
So listen very carefully
To everything I say
‘Cause here is my list of the things
I wanna do today

I’ll have a conversation
With the dolphins in the sea
I’ll tell them everything I know
They’ll do the same for me
And I’ll learn all their secrets
And find out just what’s true
And the day after today maybe
I’ll tell it all to you

I’ll photograph the wildlife
In the Amazonian Basin
Then round-up all my good friends
For a little NASCAR racin’
I’ll sharpen all my pencils
And e-mail every pal
Then go out for a little swim
Thru the Panama Canal

Then I wanna chase a rainbow
And find out where it ends
And throw a giant party 
For my very special friends
And learn to speak a language
That I never spoke before 
And hit a grand-slam homer 
And win the final score

I want to ride a raging river
Shoot the rapids, that’d be fun
Then I want to give a hundred dollars out
To each and every one
I want to carve my initials in the clouds
And paint the entire sky
I might not get to all these things
But at least I’m gonna try

I’ll climb a giant mountain
In the Himalayan Range
Then toss around some papers
At the New York Stock Exchange
I’ll clean up all the rivers
And straighten my sock drawer
And with the time that I’ve got left
I know what I’ll use that for

I wanna feed the hungry
With turkey and desert
And take away all of their pain
And take away what hurts
And turn their heads up to the sun
And set everyone free
And win the Nobel Prize today for 
Peace and Poetry.

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