Thursday, June 9, 2016


My toilet bowl is spotless,
The dishes are all clean,
I’ve washed my floors and ceiling,
And everything in-between
I’ve put away all of my clothes
And polished every shoe
And now I’m almost ready for
The work I’ve gotta do.

But there’s no harm in waiting
For the football game to end
And I really owe a letter to
My Polish pen-pal friend
And I feel a little hungry
So I’ll go out and get a snack
But I’ll get down to the work I have to do
Just as soon as I get back.

You know….I better check the thermostat
And set the temperature just right
And install all brand-new light bulbs
Not too dim and not too bright
And I’ll sharpen all my pencils
Hey, you know I really care
‘Cause when you've got real work to do
You always want to be prepared.

I’ll inspect all of my furniture
To make sure that it won’t break
And I’ve got to feed the goldfish
Not too fast now, flake by flake
And it’s time to give the dog a bone
So he doesn’t get too thin
And I’d better let the cat out or
If she’s out, I’ll let her in.

So finally I’m ready
And everything’s just great
But I am a little tired
And it’s getting kinda late
And my bed is looking better
Each time I look that way
Oh well, I guess my work will wait
For me another day.

Next post will probably be tomorrow and will be a short true story I've called 'JAILBIRD'

Good night. SR.

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