Tuesday, August 9, 2016


I’m sure that many of you consider traffic cones to be just pieces of some orange plastic material thrown up when and where someone thinks they are necessary. Well, the truth is, like any item approved for use on our public highways and streets, they must conform to strict Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications.

What few people are aware of is that in order to meet those requirements, new traffic cones are required to attend rigorous classes to learn exactly what’s expected of them and to properly prepare them for their important and dangerous profession.

Recently I was priviliged to be invited to sit in on a ceremony for graduating cones and here on my blog I’ve reprinted the commencement address from one of the oldest and most decorated cones to those young cones headed out on their road to service and safety

(It seemed to me that much of the advice he delivered might also apply to young humans too)


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